…from the Vicar

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Greetings in the Lord’s name.

It is hard to imagine that we are in the middle of August already.  The summer has gone so quickly.

The text this week is again from chapter 6 of John’s Gospel and dealing again with the metaphor of “bread”.  But as we have dealt with this chapter piece by piece, we are getting even deeper into John’s theology about “Jesus as bread of life”.  I have titled my sermon:  “The Plot Thickens”.

The Parish House is now ready to receive guests.  Yesterday, I sent out the word of this opportunity to the Diocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Milwaukee.  Within a couple of hours, I had 3 more requests to serve this congregation in 2019.  That means we already have 7 week-ends filled with guest priests.  I’m not sure we can fill the week-end in March that we are gone.  Why wouldn’t people want to come to Door County in March?

This is a great opportunity for us to provide “ministry” of rest and refreshment to the clergy of the Episcopal Church.  And then we too are being “ministered” to as well.

It is good for the congregation to hear a new “voice” in worship, and to hear a different perspective on the gospel.  In this way, one can “hear” the gospel again, and compare the different interpretations of the gospel.  One way to know what we think theologically, is to hear someone share a new message.  This is exciting for us!

We now need to look ahead at logistics.  We will need volunteers to help with the maintenance and “housekeeping” of the Parish House.  I will form a sign-up sheet for volunteers, and put many options on it so that one volunteer does not have too much to do.  Maybe someone to clean the bathroom.  Someone to do the laundry.  Someone to clean the kitchen.  Someone to vacuum and make up the beds.  A volunteer could then sign up for all of it, or just one part.  We’ll talk more about this. 

Since we are gone all of September, the fall activities need a quick look before we go.  I’m thinking about a “Soup ‘n’ Chat” on Wednesday, October 17.  I’m also thinking about a “luncheon” on Friday, November 16.  Maybe this time we will open it up to the entire congregation rather than just the women.  What do you think gals?  Will you let the men come too?

Before you know it, it will be time for Lessons and Carols again, and we will host that this year.

I hope the rest of your summer goes well.  Blessings, Fr. Olin














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