…from the Vicar

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Greetings in the Lord’s name.  Flowers are up at CTK.  That’s great.

I had a 90 minute conversation with our Bishop this week.  He is so affirming and supportive and very pleased with what is happening at CTK/HN.  He will be with us the first week-end in June.

At that time, we will plan some kind of anniversary celebration for Christ the King, celebrating the dedication of the church 65 years ago.  We’ll keep you posted.

Our first recorded video of a sermon has now been posted on our web site.  It was also on face book and already received 64 viewings.  Wow.  This is all about evangelism.  Now our members who are not here can still participate in worship.  We may also find other ways to minister to our people using this camcorder.  We’ll need to think creatively about how to use this equipment.

The sermon this week is again from John.  The title is:  “The Time Has Come”.

Next week I will give an overview of what we do during Holy Week, and try to explain a bit of why we do it.

Our friend Tom Rondeau will be entering an assisted living facility this week, and may stay a month.  It was formerly known as the Dorchester (sp) but might have a new name now.  Please pray for Tom, and if you have a moment, send a card.  Thanks!

Hope this finds you all doing well, and anticipating the warm weather of spring. 


 Fr. Olin







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